So you just wrote your latest blog post. Great, that’s half the job done! Now what? Unless your blog is very popular, hitting the ‘Publish‘ button won’t bring many visitors.
    In this quick guide, I’ll cover 14 techniques easy to implement to widely promote your latest blog post!

    Share on social networks

    Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +: there are so many different social media platforms where you can share and promote your work. Try to publish often on these platforms and share as many interesting and useful content as you can to keep your community entertained and informed on your activity.
    Be careful though: you shouldn’t be sharing the exact same message on your different platforms. Twitter and Facebook have different communities that you cannot reach the same way.

    sharing blog post social media

    Promote your blog post on Digg-like sites

    As you know it, Digg-like sites are based on’s model where you post interesting links, photos and videos. Users can vote for the content shared on these sites and if your link turns out to be interesting enough to reach the first pages, you’ll see an increased amount of traffic.
    You can check out sites like Reddit, Delicious and Quora.

    Send newsletters to your fan base

    What’s better than sharing your latest blog post directly in your community’s email box? Don’t over do it though, depending on your follower base and the content you’re sharing, daily emails may be too much. I personally suggest you try a weekly or a monthly email combining your latest blog posts and news.
    If you don’t know MailChimp, you should take a look at their email designer platform and tracking system to know who’s reading the blog posts you shared!

    Comment on other blogs for visibility

    Bringing visitors to your blog also means you have to work on your visibility. A simple trick to do so is develop your reputation and to be known by other bloggers and readers. Try to find sites blogging about the same subjects and industry as you. You can comment on articles by bringing additional and relevant information to the readers.

    Write a guest post

    No, guest posts are not dead, despite the ‘controversy’ caused by one of Matt Cutts‘ latest videos. Use your network to find a blogger to submit an article on their blog that will interest and benefit their readers. Guest posts are a great opportunity for sharing your knowledge, linking to your content, acquire new readers, meet new people and get more visibility.

    Become a blog contributor

    Blogging as an official author/contributor on a famous blog is a great opportunity to gain visibility as a blogger and gives you a certain reputation and status, respected by other blog readers. It’s like being allowed to post permanent If you’re writing awesome blog posts, don’t wait for blog admins to reach out for your contribution. Seize the opportunity and contact them first!

    Join online communities

    Just like you’re commenting on blog posts, you should join communities and groups to participate and share your knowledge in discussions.
    Just to be clear: you shouldn’t join groups if your goal is to spam them by posting your content and links only. We see them to often on LinkedIn and Google +…

    online community google linkedin

    Optimize your blog for search engines

    SEO is still very important to bring organic visitors looking for content on search engines. Be sure you optimize your blog so search engines link your content to the user’s query.
    You can do so by optimizing your Title and description tags for example.

    Create Slideshare presentations

    Slideshare is a great way to bring traffic to your website. It is actually referred to as ‘the quiet giant of content marketing’… Remember earlier when I said you should not use the same message on social media platform? Slideshare is a great way to attract a new kind of audience with complete and easy to read presentations.


    When I started blogging, I used to think once I published, it would slowly get forgotten in my blog’s archives and be gone forever. And then I realized there were no reasons for not sharing them again. Unless your blog post is a piece of news, it should not get outdated easily. Guides and infographics can stay accurate for month and even years.
    Don’t be afraid to share old articles from time and time to give them a second lease on life.

    recycle blog post

    So these were my 12 easy techniques to share and promote your latest blog post on the internet. Your turn now! Do you have any other technique you’d like to share?



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