How To Create An Email Newsletter With MailChimp ?

Create your newsletter with MailChimp

Email marketing is a part of  a good online marketing strategy. To get an efficient and free newsletter, we advice you to use MailChimp. You will be able to assign your newsletters to contacts lists, to schedule your sendings, and monitor results of your campaigns.

This video from Chris Lema explains you how to create an email newsletter with MailChimp from scratch.

To improve your open rates, look at this infografic below from Marketing Sherpa which reveals the best days to send your newsletters.


And of course, once you know the best day to send an email newsletter, you just need to make sure that the newsletter is the very best it can be. This means getting the following things absolutely right:

Subject Line. Want to avoid your email being consigned straight to the trash folder? Ensure you have a headline that is interesting, catchy, curiosity-rousing, and click-worthy to convince a person with the most flooded inbox to open your newsletter.

Design. Your newsletter needs to look good as it communicates your message. Consider the colors you choose, the frames you employ to structure your text, and the icons that you use to illustrate your message. A few extra minutes spent on design can make a huge difference in generating action by your subscribers.

Content. So you’ve got the reader to open your email and they like the look of the newsletter – but what about the content? Make sure you have a reason for reaching out, that you communicate this reason effectively, and that you entertain and inform as you promote.

The email newsletter might have been one of the first marketing methods that the internet birthed, but it doesn’t mean it is ready to be pushed aside just yet. If you work your email newsletter right, nail the subject line, use great design and content to promote yourself, and send it at the right time, you’ll succeed in reaching customers and create the sort of loyalty that all businesses dream of.

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