Famous Brands Here Is Why People Love Them

    We all have favorite brands. And who says favorite, says feelings. Positive feelings. Why are the brands surrounding you your favorites? Why, when, at some point, you had to make a choice, did you make these ones? This one?

    Each brand has it own personality (if we can say so), and a culture around it that is slightly different from that of its competitors. No matter the product actually. No matter the price. Feelings in branding are what matters.

    You can try to convince me, or anyone about how fabulous Coca-Cola is, and how best it is compared to Pepsi. Some may even tell that brand really doesn’t matter, but I’ll tell you the truth – it does.

    What I am presenting to you now, is the perfect cocktail famous brands achieved to create, and make you, customers, taste and love.

    1 – Creative and Unique

    The first way famous brands manage to make the difference is by being unique and creative. Starting with the product itself: it does not have to be something completely new, that no one ever heard about. You don’t have to make the century’s discovery to make your business work. You just have to approach the market in a new way and sell the product creatively.

    How do you do that?

    By inspiring people.

    Really, what makes Coca-Cola different from Pepsi, or Apple different from Microsoft is the way they reach their customers. Okay, purists may defend one or the other; however, open your eyes: a drink is a drink, a computer is a computer. But when you think about Apple, you think classy, professional, expert. And when you think about Coca-Cola, you think fresh, powerful, energetic. That makes the difference.

    And inspiring stories.

    Whilst you are making an ordinary product extraordinary, another factor can dramatically help you in your creative quest: a story.

    A strong figure people will instantly think about when mentioning your brand. It can be an outstanding leader, or simply a character, or a logo. The only thing you want behind it is a story. Making it somehow mysterious digs magic and fantasy around your brand. And guess what? People love magic. Think of Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates. You can feel their charisma and power only by reading or listening to their stories.


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    2 – Positive Experience

    Marketing about your culture, and your working ways may be efficient when you want to attract customers, but not always when you want to keep them in. To make your clients want to come back you must give them a positive experience. The immediate reaction you want is surprise, and amazement. They try your product, they love it. Simple as that.

    Repeat you are the best

    To trigger this specific reaction, you already did the big first part with your marketing. Endlessly repeating you are something, makes you becoming it. If you said you were dynamic, your customers will say so too. And they will start believing it. Meaning that when they will arrive to your shop, or office for the first time, they will start sensing it without you having to make any particular effort.

    Actually be the best

    The second part of the process is to actually be what you say you are. If you emphasized your products’ high quality in your marketing, don’t make it cheap looking; make it high quality.

    Reaching your customers’ expectations (ones you actually partially triggered) will strongly benefit you. It will enhance your clients’ trust, and make them feel secure with you. They will feel confident coming back to you, and won’t hesitate. Do not hesitate either.


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    3 – Customer feels part of it

    Once you’ve managed to make your customer come once, and twice, maybe having them coming a third, and a forth time would be a good deal. Customers will come back if they feel part of your brand. If you manage to make them relate to it, you win everything.

    Marketing is key

    First, start spreading the brand’s ideas. When you want to get to know someone you start talking to them right? It is only after having some kind of conversation that you can figure out if you two can get along. Well, the same goes for branding.

    You have to talk your customers into your brand, in order for them to try it. Your marketing is in charge of this talking. It spreads your ideas. Use it wisely.

    Let the positive experience going

    As mentioned in point 2, triggering secure and trust feelings within your client makes them want to come back. The positive experience is a must. And not only for one-timer clients, nor for their first arrival. It is the case all along the way. You must always think that this time is possibly the last time they are coming; and you don’t want that. So do your best for each client, whether you are used to seeing them, or not.

    Your brand is part of their identity

    At the end of the day, your brand will be representative of your customer’s identity. You know how your customers define your brand? Well the same goes on their side: you define them. You want this mutual contribution to keep going on the long-term.

    However, you must also accept that at some point your clients won’t need you anymore. Let them go. People change. Just make sure you leave them with the same positive feeling they had when entering at first. Maybe, someday, somehow, they’ll come back to you.

    Once you have made them enter your brand’s circle, you can be sure your clients will keep coming back. The reason? They know what to expect. They will come to get it because they know what they will get; they know their expectations will be reached. No disappointment there.


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    4 – Great Feedback

    Having your customers into your brand means that they will be willing to engage other people into it too. Plus, seeing how happy one is with their product will encourage more people to enroll. Giving clients an awesome customer experience means it is followed up with great feedback. Whether it is on the Internet, through blogs, and socials or directly from word-of-mouth, it will bring you more customers.

    Positive feedback is also greatly encouraged when the company makes great investments or defends honorable causes. Doing so means your business grows in absolute worth, and your engaged customers will love it, feel proud, and be even more engaged.

    They will feel like they are a part of the change. This will boost your customer engagement, and increase greatly the arrival of new potential clients. Making charity will make your customers feel like they are doing the right thing when buying your products.

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    The four main reasons people love famous brands for are:

    • the inspiration, the magic behind the product
    • the positive customer experience
    • the feeling to ‘belong’
    • the good feedback following great actions.

    As a small company, you may not be able to reach huge proportions. However, you can adapt it on a local basis, and increase you business’ profitability.

    Try to give a new, creative, and unique dimension to your product whilst building a happy community and engaging in local volunteering actions. People admire it. Your customers love it.



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