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How Will Effective Social Media Marketing Help Your Startup?

John DOZ

How does effective social media marketing help small businesses? Social Media Marketing plays a vital role to enhance small businesses as this kind of marketing is one of the important strategies to amplify visibility. It is the best online marketing...

Marketing Resources

Famous Brands: Here Is Why People Love Them

Lina Albin-Azar

We all have favorite brands. And who says favorite, says feelings. Positive feelings. Why are the brands surrounding you your favorites? Why, when, at some point, you had to make a choice, did you make these ones? This one? Each...

Social Media

Backchannel Marketing: From Classroom to Boardroom

Jennifer Orth-Veillon

We all know the proverbial non-verbal signs—head nods,yawns, wide smiles, diverted eyes. After spending hours preparing your perfect presentation,creating exciting visuals, and working on your voice projection, ever wonder if people listening or reading your pitch or proposal are really...

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