8 SEO councils for bloggers

Blogging is one of the most activities maintained on the Internet; millions of blogs are online and thousands are created every day.
Blogging has become an income generating activity for a lot of web actors, blogs optimization for search engines is thus an activity whichisn’t without significance for webmasters; as well as the majority of quality traffic which comes to our site or blog is by the intermediary of search engines. We must know how to answer to their requirements keeping an information quality to the users of the Internet.

Here is a list of advices and of technical to well optimizing the SEO of a blog:

1. Content is King

The most important for the blogs to help to the optimization of search engines is the unique content. You have to create a unique content, which will make the quality of the information and will improve the SEO of your blog. A good content contributes to attract a lot of visitors on your site. Search engines are quite intelligent to know if the content is useful or not, so you need to be active and prudent about what concerns your content.

Content is king

2. The titles of articles

Another thing which is important for SEO is the title tag; the majority of search engines give a special attentiveness to that component. You have to see that the elements mentioned below are included in the content.

The keywords: you must well place them. The most of search engines know how to deal these words and determinate how much they are linked with the content.
The quality of the titles: it’s crucial to choose the most effective titles, informative and descriptive for your blog’s articles. A catchy information will allow to attract most of visitors.
No lie: search engines have become more intelligent, they can easily understand if the title is linked to the content or not, thus you must never lie to search engines and even less at the readers.

3. Readers’ expectations

You have to be conscious about what the users of the Internet expect of you. So, if you used to give them the information they looked for, your blog would become a reference and a useful information source. That will contribute to increase the fidelity; in fact, the confidence guides traffic and boosts your blog’s performances.

4. The keywords in content

To optimize the article for search engines, it’s advisable to include keywords in the content. It’s in your interest to add targeted keywords into the different tags.

Note: don’t abuse of additional keywords in the code, but prefer natural SEO.

5. Creation of backlinks

The existence of external links of websites or blogs point to your blog, is an important factor for the SEO. The one-way links are very difficult to find but they are crucial. So, to establish some links, you have to start the connexion with other sites like Twitter, Facebook or Myspace, to put commentaries on blog articles – without forget to send a link of your blog – and also to post messages on forums.

Note: be attentive at the links Nofollow which can prevents search engines to explore your blog.

6. Links to the other messages

Don’t make a large number of links in your blog’s messages, but link the posts which have a similar thematic and which are related to each other. More simply, you can add at the end of every article a list of links to the articles related to the subject treaty in present bill.


7. SEO Plugins

It exists a lot of plugins and computer softwares available to improve blogs’ performances. They contribute to raise their SEO by a simple and free way. You can find and use them easily on the Internet.

8. Share your articles with the maximum of readers as possible

Your article written, every optimisations realized and diffused, don’t forget to share it on bookmark websites, it allow you to attract more visitors and readers to your articles.

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