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How to Build an Effective Backlinking Strategy

John DOZ

Backlink, as the name suggests is a link which comes back to your website from external sources. This is the reason why the term is also known as external backlinks as well as inbound links. Backlinks from relevant websites tend...

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Guest Blogging: Creative Ways to Make You Increase Your SEO Gains

John DOZ

SEO campaigns flourish on the quality of content, and every marketer is well aware of it. Since content aids communication with the audience and builds relationships, it plays a vital role in creating audience engagement. Given that SEO success depends...

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8 SEO councils for bloggers


Blogging is one of the most activities maintained on the Internet; millions of blogs are online and thousands are created every day. Blogging has become an income generating activity for a lot of web actors, blogs optimization for search engines...

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How to success with a netlinking in 2011 ?


In SEO, we can distinguish two large families’ criteria used in the algorithm: “on page” and “off page”. Sometimes, we talk about “on line” criteria which concerned all the site. The netlinking makes very often the difference between the rivals;...

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