Backlink, as the name suggests is a link which comes back to your website from external sources. This is the reason why the term is also known as external backlinks as well as inbound links. Backlinks from relevant websites tend to result in strengthening the credibility of the website making it effective.

    Lack of knowledge

    Most of the website owners just dive into the sea of building backlinks for the website, but there are certain points that they should know before going to work with full force. The quality of the backlinks matters a lot. The higher the quality of the backlinks of a website lower the number of the backlinks you need. Hence, resulting in saving a good amount of time and money.

    Let us have a look at the prerequisites to begin building backlinks of a website –

    Building a strong foundation of the website-

    1. Check for any technical issues such as site loading speed, mobile friendliness. The most common mistake committed by the website owners is that they don’t fix the problem of the duplicate content as well as meta descriptions of the pages and forget to update it.
    2. Redirect Chains- There should not be any buffer in the redirect chains. It is because the buffer tends to rob the authority of the source and the final destination.
    3. Lost Link Juice- You should reclaim the lost link juice by using Google Search Console (Crawl> Crawl Errors> Not Found) as well as Screaming Frog by clicking on Response Codes. After that, click on Client Error-4xx.
    4. Fixation of the broken external links is also necessary

    Stay away from building harmful backlinks

    If you want to escape from the penalty of Google algorithm or any other manual penalties, then you must avoid harmful backlinks. The examples of the harmful backlinks are those which are built on the same keyword on multiple sources.

    Therefore, effective link building plays a key role in the Google ranking factor. It is all about trust and popularity. The ranking algorithm of Google considers the domain authority is giving huge weight to high-quality backlinks. The more, the better does not go with backlinks. In case, you build backlinks without checking if they are good, then you are diving into the sea of difficulties.

    Scaling link building task

    Know the real scenario

    For most of the digital marketers, building effective links is stressful. They find the link building hard. If you too are sailing in the same boat, then you will agree with me that it is all because of the lack of useful content. The content needs to be effective, and the reader must find it productive enough to share it with others. Content is the hero, and link building is the supporting hero in any movie. Therefore, the ratio which stands here is 90:10. Most of the efforts are to be laid in generating content while only 10% should be put on link building. Higher the quality of the content lesser the effort is required for link building.

    Reciprocal Linking

    Most of the digital marketers have been working with a notion that reciprocal linking. They have been doing it for the sake of the cross-linking to prove fruitful for their website’s ranking. But I would like to burst this myth. It must focus on the laying positive impact on the user. There must not be excessive reciprocal backlinking.

    See what guest posts should be on your website

    The articles or guest posts with over-optimized anchor texts are “injurious” for your website. You should allow only that content which uses credible usage of the keywords and creates links naturally. Check before uploading that if the content has used commercial keywords and promised to build quality anchor texts.

    What’s the way out then?

    The use of the navigational phrases and brand keywords is the best route to follow.

    Web directory links

    Beware from adding your website to a web directory for the sake of getting a backlink. Yes, I know many of you might have performed you at some point in time, but the fact is that it lays a negative impact on the ranking of the website. The reason behind this is the decreased capability of those directories in providing real value to the internet users. Most of the search engines have barred such directories. Hence, they tend to decrease the effectiveness of the websites using them.

    How to choose the right directories?

    It is simple. Just check whether those websites are able to provide potential information to your readers and users. Therefore, if you would build links in such directories, you will reap huge benefits.

    Forum and Blog posts comments

    Every time you comment on any forum or blog post, make sure that every word you write provides contextual value to the ongoing discussion. Choose such a discussion which is relevant to your business.

    Keep in mind that you don’t use the commercial keywords time and again to make your comment technical.

    Should you go for buying links?

    Rather than spending money on purchasing backlinks, go for investing in creating productive content as well as promoting your website naturally and with effective backlinks. It will help you in achieving risk-free ranking to your website.

    Note- If you have any purchased link for your website, get rid of them without wasting any time.

    Infographics play a major role

    Apart from writing the content, make it a visual can also help. The ease of grasping information makes infographics demandable. The trick is to use the infographics in order to attract links. In case you are using the visuals without any links, then you need to start a ‘Google reverse image search.’

    Using lists in titles

    The content which you have been posting on your website should have listed in the title. It attracts more eyes, resulting in increased traffic on the page. For example, ‘8 Ways of Using Herbs In Everyday Food’ will get more clicks as compared to ‘Health Benefits Of Herbs’.

    This is an article by Jessica Gross. She is an editor at Assignment Help 4 Me, a writing consulting website. Also, she often blogs on her educational blogs where she enjoys posting content meant for budding writers and businesses. 



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