SEO video is a subject which attracts more and more the attention of web actors; we tend to demonstrate the importance of video in a brand or site communication strategy. This media shows a great potential to convince, involve and engage your customers. This bill presents some bases of SEO video.

    1- Your video optimization:


    • Enhance your brand on your video: change your videos to enhance your brand in your introduction, in sub-tittles, or on display background. Think also to interview people in front of a large insert of your brand- like the stars interviewed for a film. That will be very efficient, because your brand will be released with your video.
    • Use some descriptive and pertinent file names: when you create a video, recording devices, give files names without sense; for example: a234rt.mp4. That is totally useless and inefficient for search engines. So, it’s up to you to rename them with descriptive and significant names.
    • Make a call to action at the end of the video: putting across the users the procedure, give them the address of your website, send them to a related video from your site, and inform clearly the user of what he would receive if he accesses to your site.
    • Make some clear audios: the YouTube engineers are creating an automated script to help us in the video search. That needs we would have to get a distinct and understandable audio quality, and that will be beneficial both for the users and for search engines.
    • Add and other texts in your videos. Google uses new technologies to help in the understanding of videos, so if you put legends or other, that can help the users and search engines so found your video.
    • Finally, create an interesting and useful content, and don’t forget to think about the duration to not bore the users.

    2- Take care over the metadata

    • Complete all the information areas : if there are some references to give, make sure they are completed. Use the same approach that you want to use for the optimization of your webpages, the search of videos looks like a classic web search.
    • Use some descriptive and catchy titles: that allow the users to know more about the subject of the video. Using keywords in your tags, it would be more easy for the users to find you and to discover your contents.
    • Take a long time to definite a profile: complete your profile and make it becoming useful, that will help the users to understand your brand.
    • Choose a good glimpse: it’s the first thing that the users see and that play a important part for knowing if they click or not. Make sure you choose the best thumbnail to convince them to click.
    • Create a html or JavaScript code: some video sharing websites can allow you to propose video codes, and there are also readers which give you the possiblity to share that with the users (these codes can be understood and indexed by search engines.

    Tip : put some little videos on YouTube, and the big content on your site, that will do as a teasing to attract the  users to come on the site for the rest of the content.


    Co-founder at DOZ


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