Posting on social media at the right time

    You certainly faced up this situation: you publish a post; you wait… nothing happens. After a few hours, you notice that you are getting no like, no comment, no share or any other kind of interactions. Your post is now drowned under a stream of others posts. And those are getting bunch of likes, shares, and comments.

    Are these posts best than yours ? Well, not really. So what is the issue? The posting time of course !

    They are times when people are used to interact more on social media. Here is an infografic from Fannit which reveals the best times to post on social media.

    Best Times To Post On Social Media$

    But posting on social media at the right time is not enough to give your post more visibility. More than posting at the best times, your publications have to be as much  engaging as possible.

    A perfect Facebook post

    In order to get more visibility and more popularity in Facebook, you have to consider edge rank.

    Here are the four main things which deal whit edge rank and that you have to keep in mind when creating your Facebook post :

    • Your post must be quick, because long post often looks annoying
    • Your post has to be illustrate, with photos or videos because they incite people to interact
    • If you have any technical skills, bring originality to your illustration by adding your brand logo or bullets with messages
    • Finally, use hashtags to expand the reach of your post.

    If you are not familiar with Facebook hashtags yet, take a look at this infografic from Pinjz which explains you how to use them their.

    Facebook Hashtags



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