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How to Create a Business with Facebook


  You have seen the statistics. Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users. That shows you can create a successful business in this platform. In fact, Facebook can make people discover your business and increase your visibility on...

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Tips to improve your Facebook engagement

Ben Issa

While many blogs and influencers agree that Facebook is slowly dying, the leading social media platform offers new possibilities to improve Facebook engagement. Facebook engagement best practices for 2014 We already covered Facebook’s Edge Rank, an essential notion to understand...

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Best Times To Post On Social Media

Ben Issa

Posting on social media at the right time You certainly faced up this situation: you publish a post; you wait… nothing happens. After a few hours, you notice that you are getting no like, no comment, no share or any...

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Edge Rank: What it Is and How to Succeed

Ben Issa

Most everyone working in digital marketing has heard of Google’s Page Rank. But what about Edge Rank? If you’re not familiar with this ranking tool, don’t worry: you haven’t missed a post on the Official Google Blog. Indeed, Edge Rank...

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