Marketers are now using online possibilities to promote off-line events. Smartphones have facilitated this trend, and are at the origin of what we call: real-time marketing.

    What is Real-time Marketing ?

    More than newsjacking, real-time marketing (or RTM) consists in communicating online with your audience during an event. This particular kind of marketing is very attractive for the audience, because it creates a unique impression. When a popular event is happening and retransmitted online, you don’t want to miss it, right? For marketers, real-time marketing is a way to organize unifying gatherings. It also gives them the possibility to spread out their marketing messages to the masses.

    Here is a great example of real-time marketing done by Oreo during the 2013 Superbowl. This picture was tweeted during the power outage.

    How to do real-time marketing ?

    Real-time marketing strategies are using social media, and especially Twitter. Functionalities such as trending topics and hashtags allow people to follow an event and to interact (retweet, share, like) with one another. Twitter also allows brands to do Q&A and interact with customers. Moreover, the latest Twitter updates are offering new possibilities to marketers to promote trends and hashtags.

    YouTube is also a very useful social media platfomr to do real-time marketing. Thanks to its “live stream” functionality, people from all over the world can watch a live event. The best example is Felix Baumgartner‘s live jump from space.

    Real-time marketing also uses smartphones with the help of applications and mobile websites. This particular kind of marketing is efficient because it doesn’t seem like intrusive marketing. People are used to use their smartphones all the time, so real-time marketing on mobile only seems familiar rather than promotional.

    To conclude this post, here is an infographic from Everage which shows you the perception of real-time marketing by marketers. And to learn more about this online way of communication, here an introduction to real-time marketing.

    Have examples of real-time marketing? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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