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Factors That Google Considers to Calculate the Links for SEO

John DOZ

This is an article by Stacy Richards. She is author and she is working with seo company search genius. While writing she takes time to bring more value to articles. Apart from writing she has interest in social media.  Google’s algorithm is...

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Understanding Anchor Text

Dylan Kissane

Sometimes the most simple things can have a significant effect on your SEO. Things like anchor text. Anchor text is a basic element in your onsite and offsite SEO. In a world where the web is connected by hyperlinks (usually...

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How to submit an online press release?

Ben Issa

Online press releases are useful to introduce your website and to increase your traffic thanks to their new links, fresh and unique contents.   Choosing an online press release website To choose an online press release website, you must pay...

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How to success with a netlinking in 2011 ?


In SEO, we can distinguish two large families’ criteria used in the algorithm: “on page” and “off page”. Sometimes, we talk about “on line” criteria which concerned all the site. The netlinking makes very often the difference between the rivals;...

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