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Review: Speak With One Voice

Dylan Kissane

Acrolinx are specialists in creating great content. The company works with major clients in creating more engaging, more findable, and more responsive content. With a client list that includes tech industry giants like Google, Dell, IBM, Cisco, and Intel, Acrolinx...


How to rise the number of views on YouTube videos?

Ben Issa

Even if you’re a talented film director, rising the numbers of views on a YouTube video requires many other skills. Here are a few things to take in account. Pay attention to the video length In order to gain a lot of...


Content marketing lessons from Weird Al


John DOZ

Weird Al Yankovic is by no means a fresh face in the music industry. The musician has been parodying hit songs by the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Nirvana and Lady Gaga for several decades now, which makes his recent...


Drive non-stop traffic to your blog with evergreen content

Cécile R.

Do you know what evergreen content is? Well, this blog post is evergreen. Let’s see what it is, what it’s not and what are the benefits of this kind of content. What is evergreen content? So what exactly is evergreen content? Evergreen content...


How to integrate YouTube to your content marketing strategy?

Cécile R.

Blog posts, infographics, social media posts, podcasts: there are so many different types of content marketing formats. But have you tried videos? YouTube is a great platform to share your content. Let’s see why you should consider integrating it to...

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