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How to Create a Strong Social Media Strategy for Instagram?

John DOZ

This is an article by Polina. She is a Digital Marketing manager based in beautiful Barcelona. She was working over 3 years in big international companies and brands (Conde Nast, Crocus Group, niche perfumery project (by Kilian, Roja Parfums, Diptyque,etc.))....

Marketing Resources

An Introduction to Minimalist Web Design for Highly Functional Websites

John DOZ

Will Borges is a web designer who has created several WordPress themes that have become quite popular. He works as a freelancer and has enjoyed a happy association with SEO companies like Omega SEO. Will inclines visual arts and loves...

Content & Blogging

5 Outstanding Pro Tips for Easy and Successful Business Blogging

John DOZ

This is an article by Jim Wilson. He is a reputed blogger and web developer. You can also read many books written by him. He has also written guide on how to make a goal-driven blog to help his readers achieve...

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3 Essential Tips To Make Your Website More Creative

John DOZ

This is an article by David Wicks. He is a web designer and blogger. He presently works in jQuery web designing section for a leading web portal development firm. He also writes regularly for Las Vegas Web Deisgn Co. Being creative...

Tech & Startups

Eight Australian Startups You Should Know

Dylan Kissane

For some people the word ‘startup’ is synonymous with ‘Silicon Valley’. For others, the startup geography is a little broader. Incubators and startup clusters in places like New York, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Shanghai suggest that there is plenty...

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Why Your Business Should Consider a Website Redesign

Dylan Kissane

After completing a website audit there can often be a lot of work to get busy with. Tags need to be added, URLs need to be adapted, internal and external links may need addressing, and those meta-descriptions won’t write themselves....

Marketing Resources

UX Teams Can Learn from the Engadget Redesign

Dylan Kissane

In early December long-standing tech site Engadget re-launched their site with a full facelift and an explanatory blog post from Editor-in-Chief Michael Gorman: A year and a half ago, I told you that Engadget’s editorial mission was going to change....

Videos, Ebooks, Infographics

[Review] X: The Experience When Business Meets Design (Brian Solis)

Dylan Kissane

Brian Solis has a new book out and it is an instant classic. X: The Experience When Business Meets Design is sure to inspire new thoughts and actions. Everyone works hard. Everyone has good ideas. Everyone wants to succeed. But only...

Analytics & Metrics

Create Conversions Through Psychological Tools

Meghan Colwell

Every business loves conversions. Here at DOZ, we’ve created an entire enterprise dedicated to increasing website conversions. Attracting conversions may seem like an insurmountable obstacle in the process of business success, but it does not have to be that way....

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