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When Social Media Is Not Just “Social” Anymore

Kathy Lam

Social Media, as the name suggests, are communication platform for social purpose. Even we might not be any social media expert, we might have at least one (and up to tons) social media account where we can keep our friends posted about...

Social Media

Facebook is down: 10 things to do

Cécile R.

On June 19, Facebook went down. For most of us it is just a distraction, allowing us to interact with friends and family. But for some others, this platform is their work tool. So what should you do when Facebook goes...

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How to Embed a Webpage in a Facebook Custom Tab

Ben Issa

When it comes to social media there are plenty of channels out there to choose from. Got something to say in 140 characters or less? Head to Twitter. Want to share a photo of the latest product in your range?...

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Edge Rank: What it Is and How to Succeed

Ben Issa

Most everyone working in digital marketing has heard of Google’s Page Rank. But what about Edge Rank? If you’re not familiar with this ranking tool, don’t worry: you haven’t missed a post on the Official Google Blog. Indeed, Edge Rank...

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Facebook Strategy: Choosing the Right Channel

Ben Issa

Facebook is great for keeping up with high-school buddies, your Aunt Susan’s trip to Europe, and sharing cat photos with your friends. But it’s really good for businesses reaching out to customers, building a stronger client base, and engaging with their fans...

Social Media

What Facebook Graph Search Means for Marketers


The BIG Announcement The tech world is abuzz about Facebook’s announcement that they are entering SEARCH! The Facebook Graph Search is a search engine for your friends, that is able to use your network of friends and their interests to answer searches such as, “who...

Social Media

Transform Your Personal Facebook Profile to a Page

Carine Esteves

Numerous Facebook users didn’t understand the interest of creating a page to promote their company. So, they used their personal account to promote their products or services. Fortunately for the, Facebook offers since the 30th of March a tool which...

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