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Tokio Hotel – How to Reach Success With Good Marketing

Lina Albin-Azar

“Devilish” is the ancient name of the Tokio Hotel rock music group. Launched in 2001 when the leader Bill Kaulitz was only 12. The group saw a impressive increase since 2005 with its name change, and the first records of original songs. Since...

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[eBook] Using Images on Your Blog

Dylan Kissane

Choosing the right image for your blog post is important. Why? Because as much as you might not like the idea, your reader are after more than just your words. As YouTube, Flickr, and any other number of video and...

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DOZ’s 7 Favorite Sites for Sourcing Quality Images

Dylan Kissane

We’ve written this week about the potential problems that arise from downloading images from a search engine and using them without attribution. If you want to avoid falling into the legal traps that are set – and sprung – by...

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The SQUEAL Strategy for Choosing the Perfect Image

Dylan Kissane

So you’re convinced you need an image for that blog post or web content piece – thank goodness! – but how do you go about choosing the perfect image? Don’t panic: we’ve got you covered. Choosing an image for your...

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8 Things You Need to Know About Alt-Text

Dylan Kissane

There’s a lot you can do to improve SEO on your site, but one of the simplest is optimizing the alt-text. It’s not a major factor in your ranking, but every little adjustment counts and when it is this simple,...

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