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How COVID-19 Is Affecting eCommerce Businesses Today

John DOZ

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world, changing our reality to an uncertain one. It’s a difficult time for everybody, particularly in the business world. The economy is stifling due to businesses temporarily shutting down operations while others struggle...

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Why Music and Music Marketing Are in Crisis

Dylan Kissane

I work in the technology field and keeping abreast of the news about marketing, technology, and Silicon Valley is part of my job. I keep Twitter scrolling on a second monitor, I read the right subreddits, I hang out at...

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Why Your Industry Is About To Be Disrupted

Dylan Kissane

In 2014 CNBC published their annual list of disruptors. You might imagine that the list would be heavy with technology startups and businesses with big dreams but low or even negative revenues and – to a certain extent – you’d...

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