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7 Popular Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate In 2019

John DOZ

Every year, the main goal of marketers is to improve and build off of the current trends. As a result, we see updates and grand changes in video content, augmented reality, influencer marketing – as well as dozens of new...

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SMS Marketing : Checklist for Writing Effective Text Messages

John DOZ

It seems like everyone has a smartphone now. It spans the generations, including young and old. With the technology comes the use of text messages, which has replaced the majority of phone conversations for many people. Studies have found that...

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How To Create Emotionally Engaging Content To Get Results

John DOZ

This is a guest post by Christelle Macri. She is the founder of Ebizpromotion, a leading seo agency in Berkshire, with a no-nonsense and ethical approach to digital marketing. She is also search engine consultant with over 17 years’ experience...

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