Every year, the main goal of marketers is to improve and build off of the current trends. As a result, we see updates and grand changes in video content, augmented reality, influencer marketing – as well as dozens of new trends that start dominating the market. The goal of marketers remains the same – to generate leads through content. However, the tools, tactics and content marketing trends change every single day.

    That being said, you need to watch out for the upcoming trends all the time. This article will tell you what you can expect from 2019 and help you change your strategy accordingly.

    1.    Remarketing

    By 2019, the total ad spending is expected to make a grand comeback. Just a short while ago, it was supposed to decline but in the following year, it is expected to grow to 28% higher than search.

    Why is this, you might ask? The reason behind this regrowth lies in remarketing. More and more content marketers include this into their strategies, investing piles of money into it.

    When customers see the ads that run around the web, conversion rates are spiking. So, this kind of increase in spending isn’t all that unexpected. When people click on an ad after they see it more than once or twice, they become that much more likely a potential customer.

    Remarketing is extremely popular and important at this point and it is only expected to grow in 2019. It is estimated that it will take six to eight touches for a marketer to generate a viable lead. In other words, it takes remarketing to turn potential leads into actual leads.

    There are plenty of ways to use this trend to your benefit. According to Peter Eagle, writer at Brillassignment.co.uk, ‘’The best way to use remarketing to triple your leads in 2019 is to use the existing data of customers you have. For example, you can put that hard-earned email list into action by creating a custom audience on Google Ad or Facebook and offer them, let’s say, a coupon for a discount.’’

    2.    Niche Content

    If you want to succeed in 2019, you will need niche content. Choose a specific industry to market in – going too broad won’t get you anywhere.  The deeper you go into a niche, the larger can your business be. Knowing what niche market you’ll mainly focus on will be a huge game-changer when it comes to a business’ success.

    Market maturity and saturation requires a more focused marketing strategy. Considering that the number of marketers is now bigger than ever, more and more content is being published every day. This amount of production means that, as a marketer, you can only stand out with in-depth, unique, and creative niche content.

    If you haven’t done this already, find the sub-niches in your chosen industry. Find a new angle and use it for your benefit. This is the idea on which you can build your content creation processes.

    3.    Personalization

    Have you heard of one-to-one marketing? This type of marketing is a personalized marketing, a way to match your content to your design and create a better customer experience.

    It goes like this – when someone visits your page and uses name or email to download something, like an eBook, personalization will make it possible for you to greet them by name the next time they show up. It’s similar to being greeted and recognized in the hotel or restaurant you visit often – it makes people feel acknowledged and valued. And we all know how great that can be for your lead generation.

    Starting from this year, more and more marketers work their ways toward personalizing the customers’ experience with the help of content. Personalization seems to help with the success of online businesses, so much that it already shows an increase of 20% in sale opportunities.

    Personalization relies on data and content. The more you know your target audience, the more personalized can your content become. With that in mind, try to collect as much data as you can from your current customers, and use that data to turn your content into a more personalized one.

    4.    Voice Search

    Voice search is so rapidly-moving, it is expected to become one of the grandest trends in 2019. It already makes for almost half of all searches on Google on mobile. Thanks to AI that comes combined with it, we can only expect it to rise.

    Younger users enjoy the rather ‘lazy’ way to get their information. A study has shown that 31% of teenagers use it to get homework help at this point. With Google Home, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Siri and other assistants, this is definitely something to look into.

    The smart move for marketers in 2019 is to focus less on keywords and more on answering the questions of people. By using questions and answers in the content, as well as keeping a conversational tone, you can increase the chance of your content being found through voice search.

    5.    Shorter Content

    Yes, there was certainly a time when long content was the trend, but that’s changing now. Millennials seem to have a much shorter attention span than the previous generation, and they react better to visual content than the traditional, typed content you might be using now.

    So, instead of the lengthy content that almost no one reads from start to finish at this point, you might want to focus on creating highly insightful, rich, and bite-sized content. To add a spark to it, make use of infographics and videos.

    6.    Influencer Marketing

    This trend is quite expected, isn’t it? Influencers have become so popular in 2018, no one expects them to go away any time soon. It’s been out there for almost half a decade, but it is definitely not declining soon. It’s that simple – it works.

    People enjoy listening to recommendations from actual people and not brands. Every brand wants to make more sales and people know it. For that reason, they are much more likely to trust a popular influencer when deciding on a purchase.

    However, as time passes, they start to notice the brands who simply – aim for volume.

    Businesses are going deeper and deeper with influencer marketing. This means more analysis and intimate interviews, instead of just choosing as many influencers as you can. With that in mind, 2019 is the year to invest in influencer marketing with grand audience and readership, but also a year to make a more personalized influencer campaign for your brand.

    7.    Videos

    Finally, videos! Videos are on the rise and most certainly belong in this list for 2019. They already account for over half of the consumer traffic on the web, which makes them an essential tool for every marketer to use.

    This year, instead of just going with the traditional video and aiming your budget in that direction, you might want to focus on live videos, too. They just came up recently, but the rapid growth clearly indicates that they’ll be more embraced in the year to come. According to Livestream, 82% of the survey’s respondents prefer a live video to the traditional social media posts.

    Use these seven trends to start the new year a few steps ahead of your competition. As a marketer, you should keep up with the trends and use every chance you get to rise from the crowd. Good luck!

    This is an article by Scott Mathews. He is a professional content writer at content marketing, SEO and SMM. Scott`s biggest passion is blogging and travelling. He regularly takes part in different conferences and contributes his posts to different websites. Contact him on Facebook.



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      As content marketing universe becomes noisier and more crowded, marketers are looking for ways to stand out and create memorable, impactful experiences. Trends you mentioned in above article will help to to stand out efficiently to gain maximum results of it. I am obliged for this informative post, keep sharing new updates.

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      As content marketing universe becomes noisier and more crowded, marketers are looking for ways to stand out and create memorable, impactful experiences. Trends you mentioned in above article will help to to stand out efficiently to gain maximum results of it. I am obliged for this informative post, keep sharing new updates.

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