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How Will GDPR Impact Digital Advertising?

John DOZ

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the talk of the entire digital advertising world. What is it? What will happen if a business is non-compliant? How will it impact businesses & ad networks overall? What is GDPR? The goal of...

Social Media

Is Minds.com a Real Facebook Killer?

Dylan Kissane

Last week news broke that a new social network had emerged and was seeking to challenge Facebook for social network dominance. Winning support from privacy advocates and the online hacking group Anonymous, Minds.com made headlines across the world with its...

Tech & Startups

Do Not Track : A privacy preference ?

Carine Esteves

I have good news for you, today’s article will not be Google or Facebook focused… Okay, it might be related, I might mention it once, or twice … maybe more but hey, don’t blame me, they are everywhere! My concern...

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