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7 Reasons Why People Are Not Reading Your Blog

Cécile R.

Have you ever written a blog post, shared it on social networks, waited for users to read it and nothing happened apart from the few who saw your tweet? Then you should consider these 7 reasons why people are not...

Marketing Resources

10 Online Marketing Tips by the Best Online Marketing Gurus

Cécile R.

Influencers are a great source of inspiration and because their contribution to online marketing is so important, I decided to ask them one simple question: ‘If you had only one online marketing tip to give, what would it be?’ Here...

Search Engines

SEO: 12 Do’s and Don’ts for Success

Ben Issa

SEO has not changed, it is adapting. And it is now integrating new visitors’ behavior (with the help of social media), as well as new regulations (updating against spam practices for example). In today’s blog post, we look at some...

Content & Blogging

12 easy techniques to promote your latest blog post

Cécile R.

So you just wrote your latest blog post. Great, that’s half the job done! Now what? Unless your blog is very popular, hitting the ‘Publish‘ button won’t bring many visitors. In this quick guide, I’ll cover 14 techniques easy to...

Content & Blogging

Content Therapy: 5 tips for better content in 2013


Panda Update #24 Google tweeted last week they were releasing another update to their algorithm. This is the first in 2013 and the 24th Panda update in total. It was stated that about1.2% of English queries were expected to be affected. The Panda update focuses...

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