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The Sharing Economy is Taking a Hit

Dylan Kissane

Some of the biggest success stories in technology in recent years have been part of the sharing economy. Among the highest profile of these firms are the two unicorns, Uber and airbnb. Both have revitalized industries that had long stagnated...

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The Ultimate List of Uber for X Companies

Dylan Kissane

Uber is a company that first shaped the sharing economy and then launched the marketplace economy that is replacing it. It’s a global actor in transportation that has expanded into everything from logistics to social welfare. There are Uber drivers...

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Growth Hacker Marketing – Step Three: Go Viral

Dylan Kissane

We’re taking a close look at growth hacking this week, especially the strategies for growth hacking that have been laid out by Ryan Holiday in his book, Growth Hacker Marketing. Missed Part One or Part Two? Find out how to...

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How Crowdsourcing Changed the Way We Travel

Casey Shea

Let me tell you about the vacation I took just a few weeks ago. It started, well, a few months before I climbed on the airplane. I had some vacation time coming up and I spent a couple of lunch breaks...

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DOZ is Uber for Marketing


Being a founder evolving in Startup City a.k.a San Francisco and having recently graduated from 500 Startups, I almost have to pitch my company 3 or 4 times a day – on a “normal day”. Since DOZ is not the easiest company...

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