On-demand, custom-built marketing campaigns
performed by vetted marketing experts around the globe

Custom-built campaigns

DOZ analyzes your website and puts together a campaign to reach your traffic goals.


A global team of marketers

With marketers in over 15 different countries, DOZ matches you with the right experts for every task.

Easy reporting

Tracking metrics around your campaign has never been simpler.

How DOZ Works

DOZ is your one stop, on demand marketing solution.

  • Custom-built marketing campaigns - on demand

    Using a proprietary algorithm, DOZ analyzes your website and automatically launches a customized timeline of tasks needed to increase your website's audience via organic marketing.

  • Curated marketing experts from around the globe

    DOZ has vetted, marketing professionals in over 15 different countries on the platform. DOZ automatically assigns the right experts to every task on your custom, marketing campaign.

  • Easy-to-read tracking and reporting tools

    Monitor the performance of your campaign, task by task. See progress, track your traffic sources and view your keyword rankings 24/7.

Why DOZ?

Better ROI at a cheaper upfront investment.

  • Diversify your Traffic

    DOZ drives traffic from a diversity of organic sources : search engines, posts on social media, articles on blogs, etc. Unlike ads, which result in 0 traffic once an ad campaign stops, organic traffic continues long after the campaign has ended.

  • We Adapt to your Budget

    On DOZ, you select the number of visitors you would like to receive, the length of your campaign and your desired traffic sources. Based on your parameters, we display a cost per month upfront.

  • Lower your Acquisition Cost

    Agencies can ask for hundreds of dollars for a single client. DOZ's proprietary algorithm determines a qualified audience at a lower cost than traditional agencies through the power of pro-sourcing - or automatic matching of experts with tasks.

DOZ in Action

See how we deliver efficient traffic.

Step 1 Start Your Campaign

Enter your email address in the "Signup Bar" DOZ automatically performs an audit of your website's online presence and benchmarks against industry competition. Simply answer a few short questions and set up your campaign targets, goals and length to get started.

Step 2 DOZ Creates a Customized Campaign

Based on your website's audit and your inputs, DOZ creates an automated workflow of tasks needed to reach your campaign goals. Each task follows a unique implementation plan, and the DOZ platform provides a transparent timeline of tasks so you can follow every single step.

Step 3 DOZ Curates the Right Marketers

DOZ curates a unique team of marketing experts to work on your campaign. The experts include natives from the target market that have knowledge and expertise in your industry.

You don't need to be a marketing expert yourself - each task undergoes a blind peer review before going live to ensure confidentiality and copyright compliance

Step 4 Monitor Your Results

Track how your campaign is doing. DOZ displays key metrics including where visitors are coming from, how you rank on search engines, etc. You get total access to the campaign's progress, with task by task reports.

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A Global Team of Marketing Experts

DOZ delivers your marketing in 15 different countries.

  • USA
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Netherlands

Meet a Few of our Experts

Our marketers are vetted and verified experts in Search, Content marketing and Social media.

  • Johanna L.

    Johanna was formerly the Communication Assistant for FENDI. Her past clients have included Gerard Darel, Coca Cola, L'Oreal, Disney and more..

  • Harmit K.

    Harmit is a SEO professional who has worked for clients including Forbes Fortune and Global 500 firms HSBC and Citibank. His motto: Nothing is definitive - we need to test and adapt all the time.

  • Renaud G.

    Renaud was formerly the Digital communication assistant for Nissan. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication.

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