Last Monday, Tesla passed the $1 trillion stock bar. With the launch of the Tesla Model 3 at the beginning of the year, and the rumor of Hertz’ huge order of 100.000 cars last week, the stock market drove itself nuts over the news… which appeared to finally be fake on Tuesday.

    Nevertheless, your business has a lot to learn from Tesla’s innovative and creative practices. In this article, we’ll take the Model 3 as an example of what your digital marketing strategy can learn from Tesla’s creativity.

    Lesson 1 – Transparency doesn’t mean fragility

    The first feature advertised in the Tesla Model 3 is the glass roof able to support four times its weight. I, personally, find that quite impressive. It makes me think that although a digital marketing strategy can be transparent, it does not have to be weak.

    With the recent GDPR laws, all the internet is talking about is transparency. Online safety and security are more than ever at the core of business concerns. Since digital marketing includes outside communications (towards clients and partners), it is essential for its strategy to be as transparent as possible.

    However, being transparent does not mean being weak.

    Being transparent means being upfront with your customers and business partners. In other words: make your intentions clear.

    Your role as a business is not to catfish your customers nor to rip off your partners. Is it? Your role is to provide clients with a top service or product and make sure those working with you get their fair share. Isn’t it?

    Your followers, regardless of their role, will build a relationship with your brand through time. You might as well encourage them to build one of trust. 

    Here are two easy tips you can start following to enhance your business transparency in communication.

    State clearly what your data collection is used for.

    In order to sell your products or services, you must collect data and nobody will blame you for that. However, you can make a difference by explaining how and why the data is being used. It might seem pointless, but your customers will surely appreciate it.

    Do not harass by email.

    I do not believe there is something more annoying than a newsletter you just subscribed to which keeps trying to sell you stuff over and over again. Therefore, make sure to send only useful emails. Meaning, mails which your reader will enjoy reading. Meaning, mails with high quality content. Meaning? Yes: content that either provides knowledge, promotions or happiness.

    Lesson 2 – Responsiveness needs a Dual Motor

    I cannot write about the Tesla Model 3 without talking about its Dual Motor. Indeed, it enables a speed up from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.1 seconds! To keep it simple, having a car with a Dual Motor, means the front and the rear of the engine are separately and simultaneously controlled by a different motor. This division efficiently provided by Tesla ensures the performance previously described.

    I thought about it… What would be a digital marketing’s “Dual Motor”? You got it: it would be its digital marketing team. In the front of the vehicle (business), one would have the external communicators (social networks, website, media). In the rear of that same vehicle (business), one would have the internal communicators (managers, intermediaries, human resources). 

    As obvious as it might seem, your people are your most important resource, especially in digital marketing. Let me explain.

    They are the fuel of your business.

    Having collaborators or employees who are fond of your company is a strong long-term benefit. Indeed, they will be more likely to work their hardest for a project in which they deeply believe. And, hard, driven work equals profit, no?

    They are the voice of your business.

    Difficult times come and go, but when they do come, you will be happy to have the right people by your side to keep your business alive. Let alone the skills, your digital team will be at the front to face hard times and keep your business’ head out of the water.

    Your employees and collaborators are your precious Dual Motor. Have a look at this article to inspire yourself with tips to value them.

    Lesson 3 – Minimum set up, maximum time-saving

    What stood out to me in the Tesla Model 3 is the mention of a specific Dual Motor feature: “minimal maintenance”. It is true that when buying a car, one often takes into consideration the future maintenance cost. Therefore Tesla thought about it, and prepared a marketing argument. “minimum maintenance, maximum durability”.

    From experience, setting up a proper digital marketing strategy can take weeks, if not months in some cases. The set up is tedious, time consuming and, let’s face it: often not that stimulating.

    When the first results tarry to appear, you may start to be discouraged. Obviously, this is when you must not give up. Keep in mind winning marketing strategies take some time to implement. You must pass by various testing phases in order to find the right fit to market your own business. Let me give you two ways to shorten that process.

    Change only one parameter at a time.

    When you are trying to make your digital marketing strategy work, you might be tempted to change everything. Avoid such behavior. Firstly, your audience won’t understand why you are being so radical in your shift. Secondly, you won’t be able to evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

    Be coherent in your strategies.

    It is no use to mix several strategies without a proper plan (i.e. blogging randomly or publishing on five different social networks). The digital strategy which is the most prone to success is the one which will tie up all your content together. For instance, blogging frequently and sharing on social media posts which connect to your blog’s content.

    Just like the Model 3’s Dual Motor, once your digital strategy has been properly set up and tested, all you have to do is use it. Maintenance is low, in the sense that once you have found the right set up, you only have to apply the strategy, not rethink it.

    I encourage you to stay tuned: next week we will see the last three digital marketing lessons Tesla’s Model 3 can inspire us. Also, drop me a comment down below to let me know what you think! 



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