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    Unravel Unique Content Opportunities With a Keyword SWOT Analysis!

    While working on a website or with one client for a very long time,SEO professionals find it challenging to keep the ideas fresh and exciting. Due to the constantly evolving nature of the SEO industry, it is crucial to keep innovating strategies and tactics. Besides change, keeping SEO professionals alert, there is an added element of consistency that experts love. The search engines change and they need to work on evolving strategies. The fruits of their efforts are sweet as at the end of the day, the professionals are able to produce something that is important, useful and accessible to the end-user.

    Keywords: The SEO SWOT Analysis

    SEO professionals know the point that keywords are the base of any SEO oriented program. They give them an insight into what their customers are searching for, and help them ensure that the customer gets the information that he/she is looking for. Although this is a known fact, some professionals miss out on vital points when the website goes through a transition. For example, when launching a new site, there is always a new URL, content, design and more. Experts have to do their homework and discover new opportunities. They need to understand what is working and what promising opportunities areout there.

    When a company launches a new website with new content, new design, and new URL structure, a lot of work goes into the planning. To make sure that the transition takes place smoothly, experts need to take extra care here.They should look at it as a great opportunity to examine what currently exists on the site, what needs to be changed, and what potential the new website will have.

    It is here that the SWOT analysis works.

    S- Strengths

    W- Weaknesses

    O- Opportunities

    T- Threats

    A SWOT analysis can also be done on the website of the client. Once the website is broken down into the above 4 segments, the expert will understand the next move of action better. This simple analysis will help SEO professionals understand how the website is performing and where adjustments need to be made.

    Some of the following considerations should be made

    1. Data pertaining to the keyword performance

    SEO professionals fix a set of keyword phrases andthemes. They are aligned with the target audience of the website. Checking keywords in SEMrush gives the professional an insight into page rankings and position.

    The SEMRush rankings help the professional get a true picture of the type of content that is failing and its corresponding results. He/she can get an accurate idea of pages that are doing well, the ones driving traffic, and the ones that have a content gap. It is here that the professional will understand where the strengths and the weaknesses of the website lie.

    1. Performance of the landing page

    With the aid of this keyword data, professionals can break down each page by their terms and positions that are associated with these terms. This helps them to evaluate the pages that are doing the best when it comes to the projection of core terms to match the intent search content.

    Map of page positions

    Expert professionals need to go the extra mile and beyond page rankings. They need to look at the data of the actual page analytics. The following points are to be considered:

    • What is the status of the organic traffic of the pages?
    • Are the pages improving conversions?
    • Are they re-directing visitors to other websites?

    Determining the webpage bounce rate

    The webpage might be ranking,but it fails to drive conversions. Here, the SEO professional has to think out-of-the-box and change his/her approach. The reasons for the consumer leaving the page should be determined.

    1. Check the landscape of the search result

    The professional should closely examine the types of contents Google associates to the specific terms. This means checking the website images, maps, shopping, answer boxes and the content in the results like blog posts, product pages, research, etc. This gives SEO professionals an accurate picture of the search intent and content type required.

    Once the type of content is determined for the specific keyword, the job of creating new content or finding the right content will help improve the results.

    1. The time taken for the SWOT analysis

    The professional should understand the data, and later work on an effective SEO strategy that actually drives results.

    Once the SWOT analysis of the website has been made, the SEO professional should make a competitive examination of when it comes to trends, improvement, opportunities, and the threats that are foreseen. All the findings need to be collected and placed together. Once the above has been conducted, new effective strategies should be formulated and incorporated for better SEO performance!



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