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    Statista revealed that by year 2020, 2.95 billion people worldwide will be using social media to connect with their loved ones and associates. Another Statista survey revealed that about 78 percent of the United States population has a social networking account profile two years ago. I’m pretty sure that figure has doubled now.

    The power of social networking promises to grow exponentially as the years go by, all thanks to the increasing willingness of people all around the world to connect digitally through social media. Social media has given people the privilege to do a whole lot while they stay connected on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram, and a host of others.

    By following the staggering statistics that continues to reveal the importance and impact of social media to people, it is certain that this is the biggest opportunity a business owner would ever have to establish authority in their industry through social media!

    The biggest businesses have continued to position themselves strategically on social media in order to increase visibility and reach more targeted audience.

    Luckily, even small businesses can leverage on the power of social networking to connect with their target audience and experience success through social media.

    Are you a small business owner looking to increase your presence and authority online?

    Are you frustrated at your inability to generate lead and attract paying clients?

    The following are six social media strategies which will help you in your entrepreneur pursuits:

    1. Maintain your business identity

    Your Business identity is very important in your business endeavors. Business identity is how you want customers and investors to perceive your business. A strong business identity tells your target audience and potential investors what you do that makes you unique from other competitors.

    There might be times when a competitor is at edge; possibly making more profits and accruing more audience to their brand on social media. This is not to mean that you will tweak your business identity a little or copy such competitor in order to also make more profits or generate more leads through social media.

    The consequent of such is that your followers lose their trust and fill insecure in your business identity, thereby leading to possible loss of social influence and target audience. Maintaining your business identity despite low followership or lead will help people to trust your business. The more you stick to your identity on social media; staying grounded on your brand’s message, how you operate and work, how you treat your target audience, and how you deliver your product or services through the use of social media will help your business to grow influence and eventually command more target audience from social media.

    1. Show up everyday

    It is quite funny to see some business owners complain that they are having reduction in the number of social media followership and that they are having less and less engagement with their target audience on social media. There is no rocket science here! Any business that wants to blossom on the online space must adopt this strategy of showing up consistently on social media.

    How do you manage to make your business show up online daily? Set aside social media budget on your monthly budget list. Evaluate how much it costs to be able to surf the different social media platforms successfully throughout the month without running out of data. Decide if you are going to be hiring a content writer or you as the business owner can create contents consistently on your own. Decide if you will have to hire a social media manager to manage the various social media accounts of your business and how much that would cost. This strategy works like magic!

    Further more, showing up isn’t also as important as showing up with the right contents; the type of contents which clearly shows the identity of your business and what your target audience stand to benefit by sticking with your own products and services and not that of your competitors.

    Showing up on all the social media platforms your target audience can be found is capable of giving you competitive advantage over other businesses offering the same services or product as you, but who are not consistent in showing up on various social media platforms.

    Creating a social media account would be helpful in this regard.

    1. Locate where your target audience are located on social media and what they are saying about your type of business

    One of the most effective strategy you can adopt for your business while on social media is locating the exact social networking platform(s) where your target audience is located. Many small businesses continue to make the mistake of trying to be visible on the wrong social media platform. The act of displaying your business on social media does not mean that just any social media platform is meant for your business.

    The use of a social media template is one of the methods by which you can evaluate the networks which your target audience uses. Also, social media listening tools such as reputology, Hootsuite Insight, Streamview for Instagram, and Reddit Keyword Monitor Pro are part of many of the tools you can use to analyze the conversations prospects are having about your kind of business and how best you can reach them better by using different social media strategies and features to reach them.

    1. Care more about the emotion of your target audience than the product you want to offer them

    Unfortunately, many small business owners, out of sheer desperado, want to quickly put their products or services at the faces of their target audience in order for them to buy, but the truth is these people are human beings who have emotions.

    Caring for the emotion of your target audience is one of the most effective means of hypnotizing them to buy from your business. This attitude of care can be strategicallywoven around the message accompanying the marketing of your products or services. When your target audience see that your focus is towards their emotion; seeing that you care for how your product would help them and not how you can get the next dollar from their pocket, then they are most likely to connect to your product or services, convert and follow your business all the way.

    1. Adopt influencers marketing strategy

    Although as a small business owner, you may not yet be privy to financial muscles needed to wow an influencer to begin singing your business’s name, but there are couple of ways you can still attract an influencer to help promote your business. How about supplying them your product for review? How about giving an influencer a short premium access to your services? This could help you to attract them to your product or services.

    Influencer marketing is one of the most effective social media strategy you can adopt in order to propel your small business into a bigger business. By the time you have successfully gotten influencers in your industry to ‘blow your business’s trumpet, more audience will certainly draw towards your business. A big advantage of this strategy is that the kind of audience you’d attract from an influencer is targeted audience who are familiar with your kind of business and will likely end up converting.

    1. Your business must be flexible than ever before on social media

    Social media platforms are testing new strategies to help business owners reach more target audience and generate more lead. Don’t not be monotonous in your approach to social media strategy. In order words, be more flexible than ever before.

    In recent times, chat bots, Instagram and Facebook stories have added to the latest trends by which business owners can reach more audience. An important strategy that is essential for your business is remaining conversant and updated with all the different trending features on the various social media platforms. Be flexible; test different features and evaluate the one that works best.

    Conclusively, achieving success as a small business on social media comes with having the right plans and taking the right steps on the online space. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and also local search engine optimization services, such as SEO Sydney, are all designed to help your small business on the internet to become visible, influential and drive more game changing growth.



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