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5 Powerful Ways to Combine Social Media and Email Marketing

John DOZ

Social media and email are two of the most important digital marketing channels in 2021, but they can only do so much on their own. Both platforms are most effective when combined with each other as well as other channels...

Tech & Startups

5 Outstanding Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate Frequency

John DOZ

1Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels Would you like to know more about how to increase conversion rate frequency for your business? If so, you are certainly not alone. Recent research has shown that a mere 30 per cent of...

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10 Ways to Boost Your Brand with Social Media Stories


Social media has established itself as a wonderful platform that binds everyone together at one place. Whether you are a marketer, an entrepreneur, a millennial, or a designer, your foremost aim is to connect with your people – people who...

Search Engines, Social Media

10 Social Media Tactics That No Longer Work

John DOZ

  History of social media tactics The sole purpose of a marketer’s entire life is experimentation with different techniques and having them work like an absolute charm. Businesses have recently immensely evolved with the advent of social media tactics and...

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Marketing Techniques: How to (Not) Advertise to Millennials

John DOZ

Presently, Millennials are the most significant generation. It is also interesting to know that they are just entering into their prime investing years. As a result, it makes them an apparent customer to market to. But because they are matured...

Social Media

6 Social Media Strategies for Small Business

John DOZ

This is an article by Rahul Ghundiyal. He is 4 years experienced person and CEO of RNG SEO. He loves his area of expertise and do work within his limits for helping small and medium businesses to increase traffic. Feel free...

Analytics & Metrics

How Big Data Changed the Way We Mold Social Media Marketing Strategies

John DOZ

Did you know that as much as 95% of people aged 18-34 are likely to follow a certain brand via social networking? Obviously, if you miss out on an opportunity to build a strong social media presence for your brand,...

Social Media

Security and Social Media Marketing

Dylan Kissane

Every social network is a little bit different. Sometimes you post, sometimes you pin, and sometimes you tweet. You might be able to post only images, only videos, or maybe both. You might be limited to as little as 140...

Social Media

Facebook Video: Where It Is and Where It Is Going

Dylan Kissane

There was a time that Facebook was mostly about sharing status updates and uploading images from your vacation. The audience was mostly young, the reach was large but Facebook was still ‘just another site’, and if you wanted news or...

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