What encompasses a sound B2B social media strategy? Common answers will include addressing the correct target audience, providing regular updates and obtaining valuable feedback in order to hone an ongoing marketing campaign. While all of these observations are true, a pervasive myth still exists. There is a lingering belief that social media strategies differ between industries. In other words, many feel that the concept of “one size fits all” will never produce results.

    Thankfully, this is not the case. There are plenty of approaches which can be leveraged across multiple different industries. Let us take a look at which strategies are the most effective as well as the bespoke benefits of each.

    Stress Specificity When Developing a B2B Social Media Strategy

    We have all heard the phrase “the journey is just as important as the destination”. This is equally applicable in terms of social media marketing. While defining a generic goal (such as building brand awareness) is important, let us not forget that specific strategies will breed positive results. Examples include:

    • Identifying your KPIs (key performance indicators).
    • Deciding where the content will be published.
    • Appreciating how frequently you should upload materials.

    Furthermore, these are all powerful ways to differentiate social media communities. You will then be able to target the appropriate audience at the right time. 

    Make Certain that the Content is Original

    Although there is nothing wrong with finding inspiration by observing the actions of close competitors, collating content from their existing social media posts is a sure-fire way to court digital disaster. Not only will readers often see through this outdated strategy, but your brand may even be penalized by search engines such as Google and Bing.

    If you find that duplicate content seems to be present (even when referring to your own previous posts), the chances are high that you are posting too frequently. Spend some time to brainstorm and to come up with novel ideas. You can then present your audience with fresh material that will be able to whet their appetites for what it is that you have to offer. 

    Embrace the Notion of Storytelling

    Social media is unique in the fact that these platforms are extremely organic. Simply stated, they have been specifically designed to cater to the very real “human” side of the Internet. This is why it makes little sense to curate dull and verbose content. It is much better to take on the role of a narrator or a storyteller. An example can help to reinforce this point.

    Imagine that you are marketing a new type of weight-loss product. As opposed to simply listing the ingredients and associated benefits, why not relate its efficacy within a real-world situation? Employ customer testimonials (when possible) and describe how the product in question helped you to achieve your personal goals. This type of post is more likely to resonate with the reader. As a result, you can expect to enjoy additional exposure via word of mouth.

    Most of us are well aware that embedding quality links within content is a powerful SEO technique. This is just as relevant in terms of B2B social media advertising. Links serve a handful of important purposes:

    • They can be used to cite authoritative sources.
    • They help to increase your rankings within search engine results pages.
    • They will encourage inbound traffic to your official website.

    Furthermore, it has been shown that links allow the audience to cross-check any claims that you have made. You can therefore enjoy a greater sense of transparency. Building trust goes a long way in terms of social media loyalty. 

    Leverage the Power of Multimedia

    One of the primary advantages of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is the fact that users are not required to know anything about coding or HMTL. It is therefore easy to upload multimedia content without having to worry about tags and similar technical issues.

    Media content such as images and videos are particularly useful, as they can be shared with the click of a button. In some cases, this material can go “viral” and enjoy unprecedented levels of exposure. Regular media updates help to capture the attention of the audience and once again, they inevitably improve search engine rankings. 

    Employ User-Generated Content

    We are all aware that the online business-to-business community is more competitive than ever before. Although you might very well be offering quality products and services, customer testimonials can make the difference between success or failure. Social media channels are the perfect way to highlight what others have had to say about their experience.

    Of course, this is crucial in terms of straightforward promotions. Still, the real magic involves what is known as social proof. B2B consumers are becoming wary about standard marketing campaigns and they now prefer testimonials, as they will be able to make a more objective decision. Whenever possible, post user-generated content alongside regular updates. 

    Cultivate Brand Ambassadors

    There are many resources which social media has to offer. Another B2B social media strategy involves the use of brand ambassadors. Please note that these are slightly different from social media influencers. Social media influencers are well-known personalities who are paid to promote a product or service.

    On the contrary, brand ambassadors represent individuals who have already purchased what it is that you have to offer. These consumers should be encouraged to provide positive testimonials that can be subsequently posted on your news feed. Similar to user-generated content, brand ambassadors have the ability to highlight why your B2B services rise head and shoulders above the competition. 

    B2B Social Media Marketing: More Than One Approach

    Each of the B2B social media strategy suggestions highlighted above represents an industry-agnostic approach. In other words, they can be used across multiple sectors in order to generate impressive results. The only remaining question involves how long they may take to employ. This is a final concern to address.

    Many firms do not have a great deal of time to develop a sound B2B social media strategy. They instead try to blend an amalgamation of efforts only to experience subpar results. It is much better to focus upon an individual concept so that it can be developed to fruition.

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    Ian Carroll has been a Digital Marketing and SEO specialist for over ten years and he currently runs Digital Funnel who are specialists in SEO in Cork, Ireland. 


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