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Why You Should Focus on Customers, Not Funding

John DOZ

This is an article by Jennifer Livingston. She is a business consultant and writer who’s passionate about digital marketing, business technology trends, and video marketing. When not writing, she loves traveling, hiking and cooking.  Businesses that concentrate on funding over...

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7 Ways to Sell Digital Products on Your Site

John DOZ

This is an article by Shahzad Saeed. He specializes in content marketing for startups and small businesses. He writes on CRO, ecommerce, marketing and design. You can hire him for your next writing project. Feel free to follow him on Twitter....

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How to Make Your Business Go Global – K-Pop Inspiration

Lina Albin-Azar

Do you know anything about G-Dragon? Ji-Young Kwon? No? And BIGBANG? Not the theory. Not the show. The music group. Okay, and K-Pop? Sounds familiar? No? Anyways, unless you have teenagers, or girl friends that love Asian culture, it is...

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