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5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Marketing Perfect!

John DOZ

Prepare Your Business Blog And Social Media For Christmas In A Week With only a couple of weeks to Christmas, everyone is gearing up for the widely celebrated holiday around the world. As you prepare your family, yourself or the...

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The DOZ Holiday Wish List

Dylan Kissane

The DOZ team counts a dozen different nationalities and work in offices on three continents. It should come as no surprise, then, that when the Holidays roll around there is some real diversity in what the DOZ team members are...

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The DOZ Holiday Playlist

Dylan Kissane

We polled some of the DOZ team to find out their favorite seasonal songs and, as you’d expect from a team that spans three continents, a dozen nationalities, and different end of year traditions, there was some pretty diverse responses....

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John Lewis Nails the Christmas Commercial. Again.

Dylan Kissane

In this era of Netflix, no-advertisement streaming services, DVRs and, yes, online piracy, video advertising and commercials are things that people will pay good money (and risk fines) to avoid. But there are still a few events each year that...

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