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Generating and Promoting a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

John DOZ

This is an article by Ashley Andrews. She is happily self employed, living in beautiful San Diego.  Originally from the mid-west her business knowledge allowed her to choose where to live and build a lifestyle she truly enjoys. She currently...

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How to Deploy an Effective Video Marketing Campaign

John DOZ

This is an article by Andrew Skyler. He is an experienced online marketer and seasoned blogger. As an affiliate marketer, he will also review and share with you powerful tools, software, plugins, digital products and even training courses that are proven to...

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Top 5 Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns for 2017

Lina Albin-Azar

Are you in love? Is there someone you want to ask out or for whom you have been cooking for? Can you think of a person you want to offer a pretty chocolate box to? Your daughter, your son, your mom, your...

Videos, Ebooks, Infographics

John Lewis Nails the Christmas Commercial. Again.

Dylan Kissane

In this era of Netflix, no-advertisement streaming services, DVRs and, yes, online piracy, video advertising and commercials are things that people will pay good money (and risk fines) to avoid. But there are still a few events each year that...

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