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Welcome to the Week #13

Dylan Kissane

  Welcome to the week! We’re back after Easter. Sort of. Thanks for the magic of scheduled posting, WordPress, and Buffer we’re here…but we’re not here. Confused? Don’t be. We’ve written before about the power and opportunities that marketing automation...

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5 Most Important Trends in Online Video for 2016

Dylan Kissane

The fireworks have faded, the champagne bottles are lined up for recycling, and those midnight text messages you didn’t mean to send but did anyway are fading into memory – or so you hope. 2016 is here and with it...

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Two Proven Strategies for Boosting Your Content

John DOZ

Let me throw two content marketing strategies at you: limited access on-site content, and webinars. Know what I’m talking about? If you are shaking your head, don’t panic and keep reading. Believe it or not, you can apply these two...

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John Lewis Nails the Christmas Commercial. Again.

Dylan Kissane

In this era of Netflix, no-advertisement streaming services, DVRs and, yes, online piracy, video advertising and commercials are things that people will pay good money (and risk fines) to avoid. But there are still a few events each year that...

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Case Study: The McDonald’s 280 and Online Video

Dylan Kissane

Online video is entering its golden age. The increase in bandwidth, the decrease in cost for that bandwidth, and the negligible costs of hosting streaming online video means that they are increasingly coming into their own. Digital marketing campaigns now...

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