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The Sharing Economy is Taking a Hit

Dylan Kissane

Some of the biggest success stories in technology in recent years have been part of the sharing economy. Among the highest profile of these firms are the two unicorns, Uber and airbnb. Both have revitalized industries that had long stagnated...

DOZ News

Welcome to the Week #9

Dylan Kissane

Welcome to the week! Sometimes you just want to start the week with some damn good writing. No sales copy, no mucking about, no clickbait – just good, solid copy that informs, entertains, challenges and inspires. Too much to ask?...

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The Ultimate List of Uber for X Companies

Dylan Kissane

Uber is a company that first shaped the sharing economy and then launched the marketplace economy that is replacing it. It’s a global actor in transportation that has expanded into everything from logistics to social welfare. There are Uber drivers...

Tech & Startups

[White Paper] The Sharing Economy is Dead

Dylan Kissane

Today DOZ is proud to release its new white paper, The Sharing Economy is Dead. Over the last few years we’ve written a lot about the sharing economy. Indeed, as a company that has proudly declared that it is a...

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Brian Solis Talks to DOZ – Part One: Trends in Marketing

Dylan Kissane

Ask someone who Brian Solis is and you’ll get a variety of answers. Entrepreneur magazine calls him a “social media connoisseur”. Fast Company says he is a “digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist”. The ABN describe him as “one of the...

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