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How to Write A Business Plan Banks Can’t Resist

John DOZ

There are many reasons why a small business might need to borrow money. Some are already successful, and trying to expand their inventory. Others have just started, and need money to help them continue operating while they wait for their...

Social Media

How to Supercharge Your Social Media Presence With Instagram

John DOZ

This is an article by Christopher Conyers. He has made a career out of writing for just shy of a decade now, and is well-versed in all forms. He challenges himself to expand his skill base on a daily basis,...

Social Media

3 Ways to More Efficiently Manage your Social Media Channels

John DOZ

This is an article by Chris Makara. Since 2003, he has developed a broad digital marketing background with a focus on SEO, Social Media, Automation and Analytics. He is the founder of Bulkly, a social media automation tool for individuals and small businesses....

Marketing Resources

5 Ways Automation Can Amazingly Benefit Your Sales Process

John DOZ

This is an article by Christina Coons. She is a professional digital marketer at Northcutt, an inbound marketing agency. She specializes in e-commerce, social media, and public relations, and spends her days helping brands succeed online. Feel free to follow...

Marketing Resources

How One ERP System Can Impact Many Areas of Business

John DOZ

This is an article by Ashley Andrews. She is an entrepreneur and blogger.  She now lives in San Diego, CA and is happily self employed.  She enjoys writing about anything that catches her interest, especially business and entrepreneurship. Are you looking...

Marketing Resources

Motivating Your Team Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

Dylan Kissane

Among all of the stories about English Premier League football team Leicester City and their dream 2015-16 season that have circulated as the team tightened its grip on the premiership there is one that stood out as something extra special....

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