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Welcome to the Week #11

Dylan Kissane

Welcome to the week! It’s Monday – are you smiling? At DOZ we’re looking forward to a big week. We’ve rolled out some new features on our platform, we’ve got a week packed with great themed content queued up and...

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Welcome to the Week #10

Dylan Kissane

Welcome to the week! Thirty years ago today a group of musicians and recording artists under the banner USA for Africa released the song We Are the World. The single is one of only 30 songs in the history of...

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Welcome to Your Week #7

Dylan Kissane

Welcome to the week! How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you enjoy a romantic dinner and movie before dancing the night away and waking up to breakfast in bed? Or was it more of a all-alone-on-the-couch Netflix marathon with the...

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How To Create An Email Newsletter With MailChimp ?

Ben Issa

Create your newsletter with MailChimp Email marketing is a part of  a good online marketing strategy. To get an efficient and free newsletter, we advice you to use MailChimp. You will be able to assign your newsletters to contacts lists, to...

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[Infographic] Email Marketing is Evolving

Ben Issa

Email marketing. Yes, it can be annoying. And yes, it can even be spammy. And yes again, a lot of it gets deleted without ever being read. But a lot of email marketing also gets through the customer. Indeed, an...

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