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How To Use Twitter To Increase Your Reach and Engagement

John DOZ

For those of you who have been on Twitter should know how hard it is to get following and make impact on it. And Twitter being one of the major players on social media, you can’t miss out on the...

Social Media

6 Best Tools to Get Free Followers on Instagram

John DOZ

Whether you are a bustling business that has been around for years or a startup just hitting the market, Instagram absolutely must be a part of your marketing strategy. There are over 800 million active users each month, which means...

Social Media

Five Amazing Instagram Marketing Secrets to Be One Step Ahead

John DOZ

This is an article by Andrew Thompson. He is a social media marketing consultant working for some of the biggest names in the lifestyle sector. He writes regularly in the online media on various aspects of Instagram marketing and how...

Social Media

Who Owns a Hashtag?

Dylan Kissane

We’ve written a lot about effectively using hashtags on the DOZ blog before. We’ve explained that hashtags can help categorize a social media post, can help you reach out to interested audiences, and help you ride the great social media...

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Three Pumpkin Spiced Lessons from Starbucks

Dylan Kissane

It’s finally Fall and that means the leaves are turning brown, Halloween is approaching fast, and Starbucks is selling its famous Pumpkin Spice Latte once again. While brown leaves have been a part of the season since, well, trees, and...

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[Infographic] Get a Handle on Hashtags

Dylan Kissane

As long as there has been information there have been ways of organizing that information. Making things easier to find, to follow, to recall, and to pass on to others has always been the goal, and most people have a...

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