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Welcome to the Week #13

Dylan Kissane

  Welcome to the week! We’re back after Easter. Sort of. Thanks for the magic of scheduled posting, WordPress, and Buffer we’re here…but we’re not here. Confused? Don’t be. We’ve written before about the power and opportunities that marketing automation...

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8 Inbound Marketing Techniques to Try Today

Jessica Max

The marketing world has changed dramatically over the course of the last 20 years, and no area has changed more than search engine optimization, or SEO. Gone are the days of spammy tactics and quick wins. Nowadays its all about...

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Why A Solo Entrepreneur Needs Social Media Marketing

John DOZ

The following post was contributed by an online marketing expert on DOZ. When you are a solo entrepreneur you are the CEO, the salesperson, the marketer, the accountant, and the secretary. In other words, you are the everything of your company....

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Should Your Business Be Blogging on Medium?

Dylan Kissane

News broke recently that blogging platform Medium had raised $57 million in new capital, bringing its total funding raised to nearly $90 million. It’s little surprise that this fundraising has many heads turning in the direction of the minimalist blogging...

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Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

Dylan Kissane

Sabina Dobrean is the Chief Content Strategist at Beaglecat. She is an intuitive and easygoing person who likes to take on new challenges and live an active life. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s Degree in...

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10 Top Online Marketing platforms

Ben Issa

💡 Looking for a complete Marketing Platform to manage your campaigns, internal team and outsourced resources? Try DOZ Marketing  for free today!  Each agency and online marketing professionals have their own techniques and tools. However, when you are in the online marketing...

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