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Music, The Stump, and Political Branding

Dylan Kissane

With elections and referendums in full swing in the United States, in Australia, and in the United Kingdom the nightly news and the morning newspaper are becoming dominated by politicians, political parties, and their supporters. There are attacks from one...

Social Media

Security and Social Media Marketing

Dylan Kissane

Every social network is a little bit different. Sometimes you post, sometimes you pin, and sometimes you tweet. You might be able to post only images, only videos, or maybe both. You might be limited to as little as 140...

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Meet Quoter, the Fastest Way to Start Marketing Online


For years now DOZ has been revolutionizing the way that marketing is executed worldwide. From humble beginnings with a handful of clients we now service hundreds of clients with a community of thousands of marketers in more than twenty countries....

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The Right Marketing for Wedding Season

John DOZ

This is guest post by Lyndi Catania from the marketing team Always Found at Huemor, a web design agency located in Farmingdale, New York. She previously wrote for DOZ about St. Patrick’s Day event marketing. All marketing professionals should know the benefits...

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Political Problems? Marketing to the Rescue!

Dylan Kissane

In the United States there are two political parties with a real shot at winning the White House: the Republicans and the Democrats. Sure, there are some minor parties that will make it onto the ballot in one or more...

Social Media

Five Ways to Rock Your Social Media World

Catherine Pappas

One of the most common questions that plague both newbie and veteran bloggers alike is, understandably, one the most difficult to answer – how to grow traffic via social media.  In this article we are going to examine where bloggers...

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7 Easy Ways to Write Better Content for Your Blog

John DOZ

Joan Selby is an ESL teacher and a content marketer at Edugeeksclub.com which provides online assistance to students and supports them. Former CalArts graduate and fancy shoelover. A writer by day and reader by night. Giving creative touch to everything. Find...

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5 Ways to Be a More Effective Global Marketer

John DOZ

This is a guest post by Ricardo Nunez. He is the founder of lusosystems.com, a firm specializing in professional SEO services focused on getting results. You can follow them on Twitter here. Online technology and the internet allow global presence...

Social Media

Six Steps to Social Media Success for Small Business

Melissa Sunday

Today social media is a critical marketing aspect for any business. Key customers are influenced by social media daily and consumers increasingly spend their time browsing – and buying – on social channels. No business can be successful without a...

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