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Social Media

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Reddit

Eileen Burton

Eileen Burton is a small town girl who has an endless passion in blogging, social media marketing and everything tech. She works for an online company managing a team of assignment experts UK. She also loves to read a lot....

Marketing Resources

Two Proven Strategies for Boosting Your Content

John DOZ

Let me throw two content marketing strategies at you: limited access on-site content, and webinars. Know what I’m talking about? If you are shaking your head, don’t panic and keep reading. Believe it or not, you can apply these two...

Videos, Ebooks, Infographics

YouTube: A Localization Strategy and What Comes Next

Dylan Kissane

YouTube is truly a phenomenon. When it comes to video viewing and sharing, the Google-owned site is not only playing the game, in large part it is the game. While competitors like Vimeo and Daily Motion and, to a lesser...

Social Media

Nine Sports Footwear Brands Crushing It on Instagram

Dylan Kissane

It’s the fall which, for runners, means one thing: marathon season. All across the world runners are pulling on their shoes and racing some of the most famous city courses in the world: Berlin, Chicago, New York…the list goes on....

Content & Blogging

The Nine Reasons People Read Blogs

Dylan Kissane

So you’ve invested in a content strategy, employed some great creative, and you’re publishing new blog posts regularly. You’ve got traffic arriving on your site, you’re converting some of that traffic from casual reader into converted customer and things are...

Tech & Startups

A First Look at reddit’s New Project: Upvoted

Dylan Kissane

You can find almost anything you might seek on reddit. One of the world’s most popular websites and the self-proclaimed ‘front page of the internet’, reddit’s suite of thousands of community forums and discussion/message boards (known as subreddits) host discussions...

Search Engines

How To Deploy a Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Dylan Kissane

Attracting traffic to your site via a search engine results page (SERP) can be tough. And if you don’t have an effective and all-encompassing search engine marketing strategy, it can be worse than tough. It can be almost impossible. What...

Marketing Resources

Get 100,000 Page Views With This Promotion Strategy

Dylan Kissane

Vinay Patankar is the CEO of Process Street, a platform that manages recurring processes for teams and turns businesses into automated, self growing machines. Find him on Twitter, Google+ or his blog. Sign up for a free trial of Process...

Analytics & Metrics, Marketing Resources

Why You Should Align Marketing with Customer Success

Dylan Kissane

This post is based on an interview with Diana Sandoval, Customer Success Manager at DOZ. You can follower her on Twitter @diasandia. The DOZ team continues to expand both in its French headquarters in Lyon and its North American office in...

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