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How To Use Twitter To Increase Your Reach and Engagement

For those of you who have been on Twitter should know how hard it is to get following and make impact on it. And Twitter being one of the major players on social media, you can’t miss out on the...<

What’s Next for Twitter? Three Futures for Social’s Problem Child

twitter Twitter is a social network that is in trouble. It’s not because it lacks users. Indeed, Twitter counts hundreds of millions of active users monthly. Twitter may not be available in China but then m

Four Things Donald Trump Can Teach You About Twitter

donald trump It’s a Twitter takeover. That’s how Politico described how presidential candidate Donald Trump’s use of the social network that excels in real-time and breaking news. With more followers and con

Twitter Content

Twitter Content 300 million users and real-time engagement that cannot be beat. Let our experts craft the perfect tweet to promote, convince, and convert. The only limits? Your imagination and 140 characters.

Which Presidential Candidate has the Best Twitter Game?

presidential candidate All this week on The DOZ Blog we’re all about the US presidential election. No, we’re not betting on who’s going to win and neither are we sharing our vote. After all, with a team drawn from a d

How to Get More Twitter Followers

twitter-followers If you have a Twitter account, there are plenty of metrics you can track. There are likes, clicks, retweets, engagement, audience, and changes in all of these over time. Twitter Analytics offers a gre

27 African-Americans You Should Follow on Twitter

african-american-twitter All this week on The DOZ Blog we’ve been recognizing Black History Month. We’ve profiled a leading black voice in social media marketing, Sean Gardner, we’ve looked at ways in which marketing ca

22 Australian Marketers You Must Follow on Twitter

australian marketers All this week on The DOZ Blog we are celebrating Australia Day by taking a closer look at the business and marketing world Down Under. On Tuesday we highlighted some of the most exciting startups in t

Twitter Moments Come to Brazil

twitter-moments-brazil-feature On 17 November Twitter announced that their new product, Twitter Moments, was expanding from the USA to a new national market. Of course, Twitter being Twitter, this announcement was made with a tweet

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